4M Green Creativity

4M Green Creativity Recycled Paper Beads


4M Green Creativity

4M Green Creativity Recycled Paper Beads

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  • Environmentally Friendly Kit 
  • Ignite children's interest in green science 
  • Create your own unique beads 
  • Hours of fun 
  • Great gift idea
  • The Green Creativity series delivers eco-friendly messages and encourages green attitude. Let’s protect our earth together. Have fun making paper beads. Simply insert strips of recycled paper from newspapers or magazines into the tool and turn the handle. Create presents for family and friends. Turn everyday paper into an enviro project.

    Will provide hours of fun. Ideal for birthdays and Christmas.

    Recycle a drink bottle by screwing on the handle to make a neat store for your beads.

    4M, a regular worldwide award winner for their range of kids craft products, specialises in creative craft kits for curious kids. 4M enables children to play and experiment safely, always delivering the most significant safety standards in their products. Using premium packaging that is almost entirely PVC free, 4M encourages environmental awareness among children and provides a wide variety of recycling tips in their products.


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