Aladdin Autovent HV30C Chrome with Blanking Plug Trade Pack (10 Valves & Blanking Plugs)


Aladdin Autovent HV30C Chrome with Blanking Plug Trade Pack (10 Valves & Blanking Plugs)

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  • Automatically bleeds radiators
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Saves energy
  • Automatic safety feature
  • Simple installation 
  • Pack Includes 10 valves and Chrome Blanking plugs
  • The HV30C Autovent with matching blanking plug fits standard 1/2" BSP radiator threads, making it ideal for most radiators including towel rails and designer radiators.
    The Aladdin automatic radiator bleed valves with blanking plugs offer a stylish and versatile solution for automatic radiator venting. Featuring innovative Hygroseal™ technology (patent pending), these valves ensure a long, leak-free life and provide a cost-effective way to de-aerate radiators.
    By keeping radiators hot to the top, they maximize heat output, warm your room faster, and save energy. They also reduce corrosion, system noise, and eliminate the need for radiator keys, offering a maintenance-free system.
    These fully automatic valves require no manual adjustment and won’t leak thanks to a built-in safety mechanism. Their one-way valve design makes them perfect for radiators that cycle into negative pressure, such as those in loft conversions or on the suction side of a pump.
    Hygroseal™ technology provides extended, leak-free performance with a dual-seal positive valve closure. Installation is a simple DIY task that doesn’t require draining the system, and changing the cartridge takes less than a minute.
    Choose this product to save time, money, and energy while enjoying a more efficient heating system.

  • Pack Contents:

    • 10 x HV30C Auto vents
    • 10 x Chrome Blanking Plugs
    • 10 x U Spanner 

    Technical Specification:

    • Thread Size: 1/2" BSP
    • Operating Pressure Range 0-10 bar
    • Operating Temp. Range up to 120 deg.
    • Size 25.4 mm across flats, 5mm from tapping fitted
    • Fitting 1” spanner flats
    • Seal EPDM O-ring seal

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