Chimney Balloon

Chimney Balloon® Draught Excluder Small

Chimney Balloon

Chimney Balloon® Draught Excluder Small

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  • Size 15″ x 9″ (38cm x 23cm)
  • Reduces energy bills & CO2 output
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling through the chimney
  • Reduces wind noise down a chimney
  • Safe and PVC free
  • Stretchy and malleable to fit to your chimney perfectly
  • Available in lots of different sizes to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Made in the UK by a charity called Watford Workshop
  • The Chimney Balloon® is the original inflatable chimney draught excluder. Now it’s even more durable.
    Since 1989, Chimney Balloons have been preventing chimney heat loss. Chimneys are a major source of heat loss in homes, and these balloons come in four sizes to fit a wide range of chimneys. After measuring the chimney, users can choose the appropriate size. The Chimney Balloon can be inserted through narrow gaps and inflated to fill the larger space above.
    The small Chimney Balloon fits flues 12-15 inches wide and 7-9 inches deep. Each balloon includes a complimentary mouth inflation tube, though a foot pump or stirrup pump is easier and more hygienic.
    Chimney Balloons help keep homes warm and energy-efficient!

    The benefits of using a Chimney Balloon are numerous. According to BSRIA tests, a Chimney Balloon stops 87% of warm air from escaping, making your heating system more efficient. It can reduce heating bills by about 4% on average and pays for itself in just 6 months, unlike double glazing, which can take about 50 years. By cutting energy usage, a Chimney Balloon helps lower your carbon footprint, benefiting the environment. It also acts as a barrier, preventing animals and debris from entering your home through the chimney. Additionally, by reducing airflow, a Chimney Balloon lessens wind noise from the chimney.
    Chimney Balloons are an efficient, cost-effective solution for energy savings and home comfort.

    The Chimney Balloon stands out from other chimney balloons on the market for several reasons. 
    It is designed with safety in mind, featuring a ‘Remember to Remove’ tag to remind you to take it out before lighting a fire. If accidentally exposed to a flame or excess heat, the balloon will shrivel and fall into the grate, preventing any dangerous incidents.
    Unlike other products, the Chimney Balloon is PVC-free, avoiding the use of harmful organochlorine-based plastics. PVC, when heated, releases toxic dioxins and chlorine gas. The Chimney Balloon avoids these risks by using safer materials.
    Available in four different sizes, the Chimney Balloon ensures a perfect fit for various chimney flues, which can range widely in size. Unlike universal fit products that may leave gaps and allow drafts, the Chimney Balloon offers a precise fit. Additionally, a made-to-measure service is available for unique chimney sizes.
    The Chimney Balloon is more malleable than its PVC counterparts, thanks to its rubber band-and-connectors mechanism. This design allows it to stretch and conform to each chimney's exact shape, effectively blocking all drafts.
    Made in the UK by the charity Watford Workshop, each Chimney Balloon supports a good cause. Watford Workshop provides work experience, skills training, and employment to disabled and disadvantaged adults, producing high-quality Chimney Balloons exported worldwide.
    When you purchase a Chimney Balloon, you are assured of a quality product and excellent customer service. With durable materials and a double-layer design for extra strength, the Chimney Balloon is built to last for years.
    Choosing a Chimney Balloon means opting for safety, quality, and social responsibility.

  • Pack contents:
    1 x Small Chimney Balloon 15″ x 9″ (38cm x 23cm) with "Remember to Remove" notice
    1 x Mouth inflation tube
    Fitting instructions


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