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Eco Bamboo & Wheat Fibre Lunch/Bento Box

Cherish Planet

Eco Bamboo & Wheat Fibre Lunch/Bento Box

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  • Eco-friendly bamboo & wheat fibre lunch boxes
  • Sustainably farmed & degradable bamboo/wheat materials
  • Dishwasher-safe boxes (we advise hand-washing for bamboo lid)
  • Removable lid with internal 850ml capacity
  • Available in white, green, pink & blue
  • These fantastic, sustainably sourced bamboo and wheat fibre lunch boxes are the perfect way to ethically store your favourite lunchtime snacks. 

    Ideal for eating on-the-go, they come complete with an attractive removable bamboo lid and securing strap, with ample 850ml capacity. 

    These lunch boxes are lightweight and beautifully designed to fit easily and smoothly into your bags and are a brilliant choice for kids' school meals, with a colourful base. 

    These lunch boxes are a great ethical solution, for eating on-the-move whilst doing a little bit to ensure sustainability and protect the planet.

    • Length: 19cm
    • Width: 13cm
    • Height: 6.5cm
    • Capacity: 850ml
    • Weight: 290g
    • Materials: Bamboo, Rice Wheat Fibre
  • Is this dishwasher safe? 

    Yes the box is but it is advisable to hand wash the bamboo lid.


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