EcoZone Kettle and Iron Descaler

EcoZone Kettle and Iron Descaler - 3 Sachets


EcoZone Kettle and Iron Descaler

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  • Cleans & descales appliances, effectively removing limescale build-up
  • Protects & maintains, keeping appliances performing at their best
  • Non-toxic, odourless, residue & taste free
  • Allergy UK approved formula
  • Ecozone Kettle & Iron Descaler works effectively to remove limescale from the inside of appliances that has built up over time. The solution is also odourless, taste free, and ensures that no residues are left behind.
    This eco, multi-use formula comes with three sachets, allowing for multiple uses. Just add a sachet of powder to boiled water in the kettle or, dilute solution in a jug of boiled water, allow to cool and filter/steam through your iron for scale free, sparkling results.

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  • Pack Contents: 3 x 20g sachets
    Ingredients: Citric Acid
    How to Use:
    Always check the appliance manual and manufacturers guidance before descaling an appliance. Never boil the solution in the kettle.

    For kettles:
    Fill kettle half way & boil.
    Once kettle has boiled, add 1 sachet to the boiled water.
    Wait for 30 mins then rinse kettle several times to get rid of limescale flakes & residue.

    For irons:
    Add 400ml of boiled water to a measuring jug.
    Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in the boiled water.
    Allow to cool, then carefully pour the solution into your iron & steam through until empty.
    Refill iron with fresh, clean water & steam through until empty.

    Using a descaler regularly will ensure appliances are kept in top condition & allow them to function efficiently & properly. Limescale can easily damage heating elements which can be a cause of premature malfunction. Ecozone recommends descaling appliances once a month.


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