EcoZone Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1ltr

EcoZone Kitchen Drain Unblocker


EcoZone Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1ltr

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  • Breaks down tough blockages like soap scum and grease.
  • Eco-friendly formula with natural enzymes.
  • Safe for all plumbing and septic systems.
  • Contents: 1 Litre for long-lasting use

Introducing EcoZone Kitchen Drain Unblocker - Your Ultimate Solution for Clear Drains.
The advanced formula is designed to tackle the toughest blockages with ease. It actively breaks down soap scum, stubborn grease, toilet paper buildup, and organic residues in your kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.
EcoZone cares about the planet. That's why they have crafted this drain unblocker with a unique selection of powerful natural enzymes. It gets the job done without harming your plumbing or septic tank.
This drain unblocker is safe for all types of pipes and septic systems. You can trust it to keep your drains clear without any worries.
Say goodbye to clogged drains and hello to a smoothly flowing plumbing system with EcoZone Kitchen Drain Unblocker!

Ingredients: Aqua, natural enzymes (lipase, amylase, subtilisin, cellulase), xanthan gum, and more. Ecozone carefully selected ingredients that work effectively without causing harm to the environment.


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