EcoZone Plughole Hair Unblocker 250ml

EcoZone Plughole Hair Unblocker 250ml


EcoZone Plughole Hair Unblocker 250ml

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Actively dissolves trapped hair & organic matter that has caused blockages

Perfect for use in all bathroom plugholes & drains

Enzymatic formula that’s safe for septic tanks

Ecozone’s Plughole Hair Unblocker is another enzyme-based treatment for blocked drains. Containing specially developed ingredients that slowly eat away through trapped hair and other organic build-ups in bathroom sinks, baths or showers. This non-toxic, noncorrosive formula will clear almost anything without damaging your plumbing.
Safe for septic tanks and aquatic life.

Contents: 250ml (2 treatments)

Ingredients: Calcium Thioglycolate Hydroxide, Alcohols C9-11, ethoxylated, MONOPROPYLENE GLYCOL PROPANE-1,2-DIOL, subtilisin, PEG Copolymer, Propan-2-ol, Lemon Fragrance, Calcium Chloride


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