Efergy E-Max XL Kit 3 Phase Energy Monitor (Max 3 x 200 Amp, 90-600 Volt)

Efergy E-Max XL Kit - 3 Phase Electricity Monitor (Max 3 x 200 Amp, 90-600 Volt)


Efergy E-Max XL Kit 3 Phase Energy Monitor (Max 3 x 200 Amp, 90-600 Volt)

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  • 7.9″ high quality colour display
  • View "Energy Now" and "Historical Usage"
  • Download your Energy Data in csv format
  • 4 different tariff settings and multiple currency options
  • Displays the sum value of all 3 phases

The E-Max is the latest energy monitor from Efergy so now it is easy to monitor your energy use with a big 7.9″ display. With faster performance, the option of battery or mains power and a USB port to download your energy consumption data; the E-Max is a class leading energy monitor.
This package includes an Efergy Transmitter and 3 XL CT Sensors making this package suitable for commercial properties with 3 phase supply.
For most installations, fitting is easy as the sensors simply clip around the main grid supply cables.
The 7.9-inch screen is the largest currently available on the market making it very easy to view from a distance. The E-Max uses intelligent graphics; like a speedometer to show current energy use and a budget bar to help you keep track of costs.
The E-Max will show when you are on your peak (most expensive ) tariff, helping you to avoid using high energy-consuming appliances (washing machines, tumble dryers etc) at that time. You can also set a "High Usage" alert to let you know when you may have too many things turned on. "Always On" function allows you to see what your home is consuming 24 hours a day and "Peak Usage" shows the high usage since installing the display, giving you an indication on spikes in consumption. This can also be used for sizing standby generators or solar installations.
Set your own monthly target and the budget bar will help you keep track of costs and flexible settings will enable you to set up to 4 different tariff, monthly budget, alerts, and multiple world currencies
The E-Max display can be powered by the included DC/USB power supply cable, or by 3 AA batteries. A portable display can be very useful.
You can easily download your energy data into a CSV formatted file, and use Excel on your computer to read the data stored. The data downloaded includes the latest 31 days, 12 months (hourly), and 24 months.
If you wish to view your data online you can upgrade your display with the Efergy Engage Hub Solo. By adding an Engage Hub Solo you can track your electricity usage through the Internet and Android and iOS apps are available

Box Contents:
1 x E-Max Energy Monitor Display
1 x Efergy Transmitter
3 x Efergy XL Sensors (max 19mm diameter cable, max 200 Amp)
1 x DC/USB Cable (USB power adaptor and batteries not included)
1 x Quick Start Guide (English)


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