Efergy ESocket TV Stand-by Eliminator Socket 3 Pin UK Version

Efergy ESocket - Stand-by Eliminator Socket


Efergy ESocket TV Stand-by Eliminator Socket 3 Pin UK Version

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  • Power off TV and accessories using your TV remote.
  • Slash energy usage, costs, and CO2 emissions by eliminating standby power.
  • Extend equipment lifespan by 15% while safeguarding it.
  • Compatible with any device featuring an infrared remote.
  • Upgrade your home efficiency effortlessly!
  • The Efergy Stand-by Eliminator Socket enables complete shutdown of your TV system and accessories with your TV remote. Simply plug it into your mains, teach it your remote's off signal, and it cuts power, saving energy, money, and CO2 emissions. Fully switching off protects equipment from surges and extends lifespan by up to 15%. Compatible with any device that uses infra-red remote-control.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Plug the Stand-by Eliminator into the mains.
    2. Connect your TV or an extension socket to it, along with other electrical devices.
    3. Press the ON/OFF button on your TV remote for more than 2 seconds to teach the Stand-by Eliminator the control code. When the LED flashes for 2 seconds, it's learned.

    After learning, turn off all attached devices when you turn off the TV. To power them back on, simply press the ON/OFF button on your remote.

    Effortless efficiency at your fingertips!


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