Aladdin Autovent HV30 Chrome 1/2" BSP

Aladdin HV30 Chrome Auto Airvent


Aladdin Autovent HV30 Chrome 1/2" BSP

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  • Automatically bleeds your radiators of air
  • 1/2 BSP Tapping so fits most modern radiators
  • Easy to install, no draining of the system necessary
  • Keeps radiators hot to the top
  • Helps reduce your energy bills
  • HV30 Self Bleeding Radiator Valve in Chrome, pack of one valve. The HV30 works in exactly the same way and has identical operating characteristics as the HV30C, with the only difference being that the operating mechanism for the valve is directly assembled into the housing, not in a cartridge. The advantage is that there are considerably fewer components and therefore it is less costly to manufacture; the disadvantage is that after 5 years, if the radiator starts to collect gas, the whole valve would have to be replaced.
    Aladdin valves automatically bleeds the air from your radiators. Once fitted they keep the central heating system topped up with water and operating at full efficiency keeping your radiators hot.
    The HV30 fits all 1/2" BSP radiators and come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.
    The valves are fully automatic, requiring no manual adjustment and will not leak in the unlikely event of failure. They are very easy to install and you do not need to drain your system to do so.

  • Pack Contents:
    1 x Aladdin HV30 Auto Air Vent with non replaceable valve

    Thread Size: 1/2" BSP
    Operating Pressure Range 0-10 bar
    Operating Temp. Range up to 120 deg.
    Size 25.4 mm across flats, 5mm from tapping fitted Fitting 1” spanner flats
    Seal EPDM O-ring seal


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