OWL Intuition-PV 3 Phase Solar PV Energy Monitor (300A Sensors)

OWL Intuition-PV 3 Phase XL Solar Power Energy Monitoring System Large Sensors (200 amps per phase)


OWL Intuition-PV 3 Phase Solar PV Energy Monitor (300A Sensors)

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  • Monitors 3 phase solar PV generation, export and overall consumption.
  • Maximum grid supply of 300 Amps per phase, Maximum Solar 300 Amps per Phase
  • Online dashboard gives world wide access via PC, Mac, Android and i-Phone.
  • Shows live and a historical data.
  • User configurable feed in tariff and electricity cost tariffs

NB: The system required depends on how the solar panels are connected to the grid supply. The 2 most common methods are:

  1. Type 1 Installation using a junction box (known as a Henley junction box) at or near the electricity meter.
  2. Type 2 Installation, where the solar connects into the main consumer unit (distribution board / fuse board). Usually one of the circuit breakers in the consumer unit will be marked "solar". For type 2 installations an 3 extra sensors and "Y cables" are required. Type 2 installations are more complicated, as access to the inside of the consumer unit may be required and should only be installed by a competent person. 

Owl Intuition PV 3 phase is a monitoring system designed specifically to provide the important information a solar PV owner desires. It provide both "live" and historic data for the electricity Generated, Exported and also the total and net electricity consumed. This can be displayed either in quantity (Kilowatts) or value in a number of currencies. This kit includes all the parts needed to monitor 3 phase solar systems when feeding into a 3 phase electricity system where a "Henley" junction box is installed.

How does it work?
The Network OWL gateway automatically logs all of your consumption and generation data securely within the Intelligent Cloud software platform. You can then login to view your live and historic data, from any Internet device. Apps for Android and Apple are available. Network OWL gateway simply plugs into your existing broadband router and wirelessly monitors your electrical system using the clip on CT sensors. 
Clear summary information with trend indicators and “hover over” analysis.
Easy to read graphs with hover over detail values, print or download graphs and data
Supports block tariff based on usage as well as supporting Economy 7 and other common timed tariffs.
Configurable real time consumption.
EcoNudge™ messages.
Optional data push via Multicast or UDP protocols.
Software is upgradable to provide access to future new features and services.
No Subscription charges for 2 years (After 2 years a small subscription is payable (£19.95 for a further 2 years as at 31/12/2017 to provide unlimited online support, all software and firmware updates and 24/7 access to data, alongside any general improvements to the services provided by Owl)

Box Contents Type 1: 1 x Network OWL Gateway, 1 x Ethernet cable, 2 x 3 channel Transmitter units CMR180i, 6 x XL Sensor clamps (24mm cable, 300 Amps), 4 x AA alkaline battery, 1 x Installation /User Manual,1 x Power Supply – UK / EU plugs (TSE000-004)
Box Contents Type 2: As above plus 3 x Intuition-PV Y cable packs & 300A sensors

NB: USA / Canada and Australia Power supplies are available


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