OWL + USB XL Wireless Electricity Monitor 2 Phase

OWL +USB CM160 XL 2 Phase Wireless Energy Monitor (2 x 200 amp 17mm CT Sensors)


OWL + USB XL Wireless Electricity Monitor 2 Phase

  • Larger USA standard specification energy monitor
  • Includes 2 large sensors for 2 x 110 volt systems
  • Up to 300 amps per phase (100 - 400 volts, will fit cables up to 24mm diameter). 
  • Supported Currencies: £, €, $, ¥, F, P, R, & Kr. 
  • Download detailed data from the display to a PC or laptop 
  • Includes free software download.

Available as a 2 phase pack the popular Owl +USB CM160 is a sophisticated 2 phase electricity monitor with a sensor specification designed for use on a standard USA residential electrical system.
The OWL +USB CM160 Wireless Electricity Monitor shows you how much electricity you are using, how much this is costing you and also how much carbon is being produced to generate your electricity, with the added benefit of allowing you to track this valuable information via your PC. With a new simplified menu, enhanced memory capability and minute by minute data storage, tracking your electricity consumption has never been easier.
OWL +USB Wireless Electricity Monitor offers detailed historical data and now features average readings either daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, plus a 2 year rolling history storage capacity - all on the one large, clear display. The last 30 days are able to be downloaded and added to a profile on your PC via our OWL +USB Software - allowing graphical analysis and long-term storage. (Windows only)

Windows 10 compatible software (free download)
Wireless, portable monitor with large LCD Screen
Date, time and temperature display,
Supports up to 6 time tariffs (week day / weekend split)
Average and historical daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cost display
Current time and historical displays of energy usage, cost and greenhouse gas emissions
2 years rolling data storage
Display support 7 currencies: €, $, ¥, F, P, R, & Kr.

Box Contents:
1 x LCD Display Unit
1 x Transmitter
2 x 300 amp XL Sensors (to fit cables up to 24mm diameter)
1 x USB lead
6 x AA Batteries
1 x User Manual.

Other Useful Information:
3 Phase Installations. OWL +USB can be used for single, dual or three phase electricity installations. For 3-phase you will need 1 additional sensor (or see our listing for 3 phase).

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