OWL USB Connect PC Dongle

Owl CM120 USB Connect


OWL USB Connect PC Dongle

Owl USB Connect - Energy Monitor USB Dongle - Stream live electricity consumption to your computer Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8, and Home Server (not Suitable for Macintosh OSX) The Owl USB Connect can be used with Owl Models CM113, CM119, CM160 & CM130 (Owl Micro), but is not compatible with the Owl Micro+ CM180 or Owl Intuition. What is the benefit of a USB Connect? If you already own an Owl energy monitor you will already know how useful it is to reduce your electricity bills, but could you profit from extra information. For instance how much electric are you using over night or when the house is empty when everyone is at work. Most of this electricity is wasted and could be saved. The USB connect will give you this information which is not available on all Owl Energy Monitor displays. USB Connect is an add on tool for your OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor. It works in conjunction with the transmitter and when the USB Connect is plugged into your PC it will stream real time data from the transmitter to the computer. By using the supplied software it will enable you to track your electricity use as cost, CO2 or KWh Please Note: the USB Connect does not accumulate or record data. OWL USB Connect will enable you to: Review your electricity usage from any OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor Graphically view your electricity usage Compare your electricity usage week by week, month by month

Whats In the Box?

1 Receiver Unit 1 USB -Mini USB Cable 1 CD with USB Connect Software

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What operating system is USB Connect compatible with?

OWL USB Connect will work with Windows XP, Windows Home Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Home Server. A free software download may be needed for Windows 7 and Windows Home Server. Q2: Will USB Connect work on an Apple Mac?

No. There is a version for the Apple Mac in development. Q3: Will the USB connect work with all models of Owl energy monitors?

No, the USB Connect will work with owl wireless Energy Monitors CM113, CM119, CM160 & CM130 Micro). A free software download may be needed for the CM130. It will not work with the Owl Micro+ CM180 Q4: Will the USB Connect work with more than one Owl Wireless Energy Monitor?

Yes, The software can monitor up to 10 x CM113, CM119 CM130, CM180 Transmitters. Q5: Is OWL USB Connect battery or mains powered?

The OWL USB Connect uses the USB power supply on the PC.

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