POWERplus Manta Solar 10,000 mAh USB Powered Powerbank


POWERplus Manta Solar 10,000 mAh USB Powered Powerbank

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  • Solar powered powerbank with built in flashlight to charge most tablets and smartphones
  • Integrated charging cables. Output ports: Type C, Micro USB, Lightning & Male USB, Inputs Type C & Micro USB
  • Integrated stand holder for mobile phone
  • Detachable charging cables: can be used for other chargers or power banks
  • Integrated 2 LED flashlight
  • Say goodbye to dead batteries with this compact, durable device. Perfect for camping, hiking, and travel, the Manta boasts multiple charging ports for all your devices, including tablets like the iPad and smartphones. Its high-efficiency solar panels ensure fast charging even in low light conditions. Get your Powerplus Manta today and stay connected wherever you roam!

    The POWERplus Manta has 2 USB outports (2.1A total output) and a micro USB and Type C in-port (2.1A input). Compact in size but great in performance!

    • Lithium-Polymer battery 3.7V / 10.000 mAH
    • Solar cell 0.5W
    • Type C and micro USB input 5V/2.1A
    • 2* USB output: 5V/2.1A total
    • Battery status indication: 25 - 100%
    • 4 integrated cables (detachable):
    • USB in
    • Type C out, Micro USB out, Lightning out, Male USB out

    Size: 14.5cm x 6.9cm x 2.1cm

    Weight: 242g


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