POWERplus Jaguar Solar Powered Speakers Powerbank and Mobile Pouch

POWERplus Jaguar Solar & USB Powered Portable Speakers Powerbank and Travel Pouch


POWERplus Jaguar Solar Powered Speakers Powerbank and Mobile Pouch

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  • Solar & USB charging (cable included)
  • 2 x 3 Watt integrated speakers in mobile pouch
  • USB output to charge many mobile devices
  • Micro USB and Female USB adaptors included
  • 800 mAh internal Li-ion battery
  • This solar and USB rechargeable speaker and power bank ensures top-quality sound and efficient energy use. Never be without music or power with this versatile device. Ideal for camping trips or as a backup power source on the go.
    The two 3W speakers provide a superior audio experience compared to your phone's built-in speakers.
    The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be charged via the integrated solar cell or USB, powering the speakers and doubling as a power bank for your mobile devices. Plus, the integrated battery check lets you easily monitor the battery's status.
    Get this speaker and power bank for reliable sound and power wherever you are.

    • Internal battery Lithium rechargeable 3.6 800 V mAh 
    • Solar cell 0.38 5.5 W V 
    • Speaker output, 2 x 3 W 
    • Charging time by solar 15-20 hours 
    • Charging time by USB 2-3 hours 
    • Speaker working time (depending on volume) 4-8 hours 
    • Size 185*95*45 mm

    Box Contents:
    1 x POWERplus Jaguar
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Micro USB adaptor, 1 x Female USB adaptor


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