UV Monkey - U V Index Tester

Powertraveller - UV Monkey


UV Monkey - U V Index Tester

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  • Colour changes indicate sun's UV intensity; darker means stronger radiation.
  • Monitor UV levels easily for your safety and solar gadget effectiveness.
  • Simply compare center color to outer ring for quick UV intensity assessment.
  • Ensure enough sunlight for solar device charging. Keep UV Monkey shaded to maintain accuracy.
  • Meet the UV Monkey, a smart little device with a core that changes color based on the strength of the sun's UV rays – the stronger the color, the more intense the UV radiation.

    Why choose a UV Monkey?
    Keep yourself and your family sun-safe while assessing the efficiency of solar-powered gadgets. The UV Monkey is user-friendly – just compare the color at the center with the outer ring.

    How does it work?
    The UV Monkey contains a special chemical at its core that reacts to UV levels. The darker the center, the stronger the UV, offering insights into solar device charging capabilities or reminding you to apply sunscreen.

    Remember, avoid leaving your UV Monkey in prolonged sun exposure to prevent the chemical from staying dark. Get your UV Monkey now – a simple and effective tool for sun safety and assessing solar power!

  • Pack contents: 1 UV Monkey U index tester


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