Aladdin Autovent Micro Chrome 7mm

Aladdin Autovent Micro 7mm Radiator Bleeding Valve


Aladdin Autovent Micro Chrome 7mm

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  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Energy-Saving Technology
  • Automatic Safety Features
  • Versatile for Different Radiators
  • Innovative Leak-Free Design
  • The Aladdin Micro auto vent fits 7mm threads. The stylish and versatile range of Aladdin Hygroseal™ automatic radiator de-aeration valves are a new breed in automatic radiator venting. The innovative Hygroseal™ technology (patent pending) with its long, leak-free life, provides a cost-effective solution to automatic radiator de-aeration.

    Saves energy By keeping radiators hot-to-the-top you get the maximum output from the radiator which heats your room faster and saves energy. It also reduces corrosion, system noise and provides a maintenance free system - dispensing with the need for radiator keys.

    Omni-directional operation for panel and towel type radiators

    Automatic safety feature: The valves are fully automatic, requiring no manual adjustment, and will not leak in the unlikely event of failure as a backup failure safety mechanism is incorporated

    Also works on negative pressure systems . Their one–way valve makes them suitable for use with radiators which can cycle into negative pressure, typically loft conversion radiators or on the suction side of the pump. The innovative Hygroseal™ technology (patent pending) utilises a ‘dual-seal positive valve closure’ which provides an extended, leak-free life.

    Simple Installation: Installing the valves is a simple DIY job that doesn’t require system draining.

  • Thread Size: 7mm threads

    Operating Pressure Range 0-10 bar

    Operating Temp. Range up to 120 deg.

    Size 16 mm diameter, 14 mm from tapping Fitting 9/16” spanner flats Seal Compression or fitter-applied threadseal


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