POWERplus Anaconda Portable Solar Lighting & Power System.


POWERplus Anaconda Portable Solar Lighting & Power System.

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  • Emergency lighting system
  • Bright LED light
  • Solar panel and 2.6 mAh power bank
  • Compact lightweight pouch
  • Portable emergency lighting system, black. always be prepared with this fantastic portable lighting option. 

    The POWERplus Anaconda is the perfect companion for outdoor activities including camping, hiking, caravanning, or attending festivals. It includes a bright led light, a quality solar panel, and 2.6 mAh power bank, all carried safely around in a compact lightweight pouch.

    The solar cell can charge the power bank in the daytime under sun conditions and the energy stored in the power bank can be used for lighting at night and can also be used for charging mobile devices like mobile phones.


    1 x 1W LED USB light with cable and switch mobile lighting system for use in garden houses, camping, boats, etc.

    1 x 1W monocrystalline solar cell with suction cups to place behind windows.

    1 x 2.600 mAh power bank with 1A USB output for charging mobile phones and other mobile devices

    1 x Sturdy EVA material transport pouch

    • Solar cell: 1W, output voltage 5V, output current 160 mA
    • Powerbank: Battery 3.6V Lithium, output 1A, capacity 2.600 mA
    • Lighting time: 5 hours
    • Material of pouch: EVA

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