#POWERplus Camel 3W Portable Solar Charger


#POWERplus Camel 3W Portable Solar Charger

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The Camel is a 3 Watt solar panel with 2 x USB outputs. The Integral stand allows the Camel to be set at the best angle for sunlight.

  • 2 USB outputs
  • 3 Watt solar panel
  • LED power indicators
  • Can charge 2 devices at the same time
  • Prop solar panel in front of sun using stand

The POWERplus Camel is a high quality solar panel with 2 USB outputs (5 volts) so you can charge 2 devices at the same time. The Camel has a 3 Watt solar cell with an effective output of 2 Watts which can charge your mobile phone and other USB chargeable devices directly using the sun.

Simply place the panel facing directly towards the sun - its built in stand makes setting the angle easy. The Camel can also be attached to a window using the suction pads supplied. Connect your mobile device using it's own USB cable to one of the USB ports of the Camel. Now you are ready to charge.

The Camel has 4 charging indicator LEDs so you can see how powerful the solar charging is. Do you want to turn your powerbank into a solar powered powerbank? Use the Camel for this job. Simply connect the powerbank with one of the 2 USB out ports and charge your powerbank. With the Camel you can create your own small (emergency) energy supply. For example an off-grid lighting system with additional powerbank and USB light(s).

Solar Panel: 7 Volt / 3 Watts
Built-in voltage regulator USB output: 5 Volt / 400 mA max
Panel size: 215 x 125mm including panel frame


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