POWERplus Tuna Solar LED Lantern / Water Bottle


POWERplus Tuna Solar LED Lantern / Water Bottle

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  • Combined solar powered lantern and safe water bottle
  • Charges by solar or USB
  • Built-in USB charging cable
  • 3 light levels to extend shining time
  • Manufactured from Tritan Plastic
  • The POWERplus Tuna combines a Tritan material water bottle with a solar or USB powered LED lantern.

    Besides being used as a lantern, the Tuna can also help to disinfect water by using SODIS-method (Solar Disinfection). Fill the Tuna with water and set out in the sun for 6 hours. The UV-A rays in sunlight kill germs such as viruses, bacteria and parasites (giardia and cryptosporidia).

    A handy gadget for outdoor, hiking, camping etc.

  • Dimensions:

    Height: 20 cm

    Diameter: 7.5 cm

    Bottle capacity: 600 ml

    Technical details:

    Battery: 3.7V, Polymer Li 480 mAh

    Charging time by solar: 25 hours

    Charging time by USB: 2.5 hours

    Lighting time high brighthness: 2 hours (100Lm)

    Lighting time normal brightness: 6 hours (50 Lm)

    Lighting time low brightness: 10 hours (20 Lm)

    Max. input: 5V / 360 mA

    Input 5V / 0.5A

    Waterproof: IPX7


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