EcoSavers Showercoach Hourglass

EcoSavers 5 Minute Hourglass Shower Timer


EcoSavers Showercoach Hourglass

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  • 5 minute shower timer
  • Helps to save energy and water
  • Helps reduce showering time & cost
  • Easy to use
  • This simple shower timer helps you to reduce your shower time and therefore helps save you a lot of energy and money. By reducing the shower time, you are not only saving water, but also a lot of energy to heat the water. The hourglass has an operating time of 5 minutes, enough time to have a good shower and clean yourself. Also educational for children. Teach children to finish before the sand reaches the bottom of the hourglass.

  • What is the purpose of the 5-minute shower timer? 

    The 5-minute shower timer is designed to help reduce your shower time, which in turn helps save energy and water. By reducing the shower time, you’re not only conserving water but also saving a lot of energy that would otherwise be used to heat the water.

    How does the 5-minute shower timer work? 

    The 5-minute shower timer operates like an hourglass. Once you start your shower, you flip the timer. The goal is to finish your shower before the sand reaches the bottom of the hourglass. This encourages you to keep your showers to approximately 5 minutes.

    Can the 5-minute shower timer be used for educational purposes? 

    Yes, the 5-minute shower timer can also be used as an educational tool for children. It can teach them the importance of conserving water and energy, and encourage them to finish their showers before the sand reaches the bottom of the hourglass.


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